Monday, January 18, 2010

Potty Training 103

It's time to talk about cleaning up after your puppy has an accident. This will most likely happen at least once or twice, so be prepared and make sure to have the right products on hand.

First off, let's make sure to keep our dogs' potty area clean. Picking up your dogs' stools can help you asses their overall health and check for worms or upset stomach.

If you catch your puppy in the ACT of having an accident; say NO and scoop the puppy up, quickly carrying them outside to finish with praise.
NEVER rub a dogs nose in an accident! They will not associate your anger with the mess. Yes they will look sad, but only because you are yelling at them, and they don't know why.
If you come across an accident, stay calm.

Keep in mind that health problems, changes in diet and/or emotional upset can cause temporary setbacks in house training.

When cleaning up an accident, make sure to first calmly put your dog away where they cannot see you. Make sure to use a non ammonia based product! Plain white vinegar works well with a bit of baking soda to soak up moisture. Then vacuum when dry.

Remember, puppies are attracted to urine scents so make sure to clean thoroughly and keep an eye on that spot in the future!

Good luck and remember....if you're lazy, it's your fault!

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