Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking Back, Looking Ahead...

What a year it has been, and what a year I am sure the next one will be.
We've seen some great victories and some tragic set backs in the animal welfare world, and something tells me that next year will bring more of the same.

What will the future bring? Perhaps an MVP and a Super Bowl ring for psychopathic dog murderer Micheal Vick? Or maybe he'll suffer a career ending injury in the play offs... Only time will tell.

Will the sweet little deaf and blind puppy that was recently surrendered to us find a loving and supportive forever home? Or will she be returned in 6 months because she is "just too much"?

Will the 8 year old female pit bull with chunks missing out of her ears at the local animal services find a home on her last day or will she be euthanized on Christmas eve because no body wanted her?

Will we see more breed bans in the coming year or will we see them repealed?

Will 2011 be the year that people finally begin to understand and feel compassion?

Once the New Year is underway, will charities such as your local shelter be suddenly forgotten? Or will people continue to donate blankets, cookies and other much needed supplies all year long?

We will just have to wait and see.
We will hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
~The Dog Diva~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Living in a warm climate as I do is supposed to come with its advantages. Like, being WARM. However, Old Man Winter has, apparently, heard about our nice beaches, and come for a visit himself.
As we all scramble to layer up, and shops run out of gloves and scarves, I can't help but think about the dogs. Oh, not the dogs like mine, all snug on her bed in the house with the heat on, no, I worry about all the other ones. The ones in back yards, in dog houses, on chains, running the streets and even those in shelters.

Not every shelter is lucky enough to have heat, so think about donating a blanket or doggy sweater to your local animal rescue organization, or better yet a Kuranda bed. (Elevated off the cold floor.)
Sure, dogs are dogs and have build in fur coats and a higher body temperature than we do, but it isn't just about surviving, it's about being comfortable. If I slept in my garage tonight I wouldn't freeze to death, but I don't think I would sleep either.

So, if you have an outside dog, please, bring them inside during the cold (and then keep them there!) If you have an inside dog, think about donating their sweater to a dog in need. (I know your dog looks cute, but, hey, they've got it pretty good!)

There are few things sadder than a shivering homeless pet.
So keep your heart warm by making sure those less fortunate furry souls can sleep comfortably on a cold winters night.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Trick #2

Roll Over
To get your dog to roll over, first place them in a 'down'. Then, bring the treat around behind their head and over their shoulder.

(Many dogs have a side preference so try both ways!)
Not all dogs will roll all the way over right away. So first reward your dog for lying on their side, next their back, then finally all the way over!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What Would You Do?

This past weekend my husband and I were taking our dog Christmas shopping for her gifts at a large well known pet store, when we witnessed something horrible. Animal Abuse.
I had been watching a particular patron because I was waiting for an opportunity to go up and pet his dog. She was a beautiful white pit bull. He was on the phone, so I was waiting for him hang up so that I could try and sell him on some of my pit bull groups and programs etc...
Before his conversation ended, the dog must have some how pulled him (didn't really see anything myself...) and he went off. He yelled at the dog to SIT and STAY, after it cowered and complied, he hit the dog repeatedly in the face. Then he said, and I quote: "Move again and I'll beat your ass."
I was horror struck. My husband and I stood frozen for a moment with our jaws dropped. Another customer was walking by, and actually got tears in her eyes.
When the man started walking again, the dog trotted faithfully at his side, tail wagging.
She doesn't know any better, to her, that's what love is. That made me so sad.
I never saw him purchase anything, it was as if he was just trying to show off...he had her on a pinch collar and thick heavy chain. Way to perpetuate a stereo type buddy.
So, of the options presented to me, the way I saw it, these were my choices:
1) Do Nothing
2) Confront the man myself
3) Play stupid, and go up as if I saw nothing, the whole time trying to educate, and encourage 'my way'.
4) Alert the store staff

So, I know what I did, but I want to know....what would YOU do?