Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Dog Diva on.....Kittens!

I know what you're thinking...this is a dog blog, and yes it is, but I wanted to take a moment to write a little something about that often neglected 'other pet'. Sure kittens are cute, and soon shelters across the country will be flooded with them as 'kitten season' starts. Yes, Kitten Season.
So, I figured why not arm yourselves with the knowledge it takes to have and raise a kitten into a well adjusted adult cat?

Let's get started.

Kittens need constant supervision. Remember: Curiosity killed the cat! Kittens can be very messy and destructive.

Before kittens arrival you will need to go shopping! Make sure to get toys, litter box, litter, food, treats, bowls, collars, tags and cleaning supplies.

On kittens first night home, confine kitty to a small back room that has been kitten proofed. Set up kitty base camp in that room with food, water, litter box and bed. Keep the door closed and let kitty adjust. (This also keeps any resident cats or dogs out of the room for now.) Make sure to play with and visit kitty many times during the day.

During the first week, keep the door shut, but use scent swapping to start introducing your new kitty to the rest of the household. Take the bedding from kitty's room and swap with your other cats or dogs bedding. This way everyone gets to smell everyone else, with out having to meet yet.

Week two, you can crack the door to allow kitty to come out if desired, but do not open the door wide enough for your larger animals to crawl through. Now it is kitties choice. Have patience and never force your kitten. As kitty becomes more and more adventurous you may begin to gradually move 'base camp' out into the house.

Come back next time for information on introducing your kitten to your dog and much more!

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