Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say How Do You Do and Shake Hands

Introducing two dogs can be a simple and easy task. However, it can also be the cause of stress and emotional scarring.
There are many possible out comes that occur when introducing two dogs for the first time, and many theories and ways of doing it.

The first thing that all dog owners should keep in mind is that it's OK if their dog doesn't like the other dog. We tend to get too caught up wanting our dogs to like everyone and everything, but this is highly unrealistic, as we ourselves do not get along with everyone we meet.

In my opinion the best way to introduce two new dogs is in an unfamiliar place, to them both. This way, neither of them should get territorial. The biggest mistake I see people make is walking the two dogs straight at one another on leashes. This is extremely confrontational. It's not wonder the dogs end up fighting! It is best to just start walking together, side by side. This way the dogs can sniff one another, get to know each other and get some good exercise doing it. Walk and walk until the two dogs are all tuckered out. (Too tired to care or get grumpy.)
Now you can head home. The dogs should just want to lay down for a bit to rest, and by the time they become rejuvenated, they are old news to each other.
Now sure, things don't always go as planned, but just remember not to get mad or upset. You must  have patience and you can try again, but also, know when to quit.

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