Thursday, March 17, 2011


In honor of today, St. Patrick's day, we'll be talking about ways to go "GREEN". Not literally of course, please don't color your Malteses hair green! What I'm talking about when I say green is environmentally friendly.
So, how can you and your dog go green? Simple; recycle together!
Before your plastic containers make it to the curb in the recycle bin, they should already have been recycled by your dog!

Water bottles, peanut butter jars or any other empty plastic container (that did not contain anything harmful!) can be reused and recycled for some doggy FUN!

Water bottles can be filled with treats then given a peanut butter 'lid'. Your dog will love rolling the bottle around to get the treats out. (Make sure you remove the cap and the cap ring first.)
You can even feed your dog their dinner in this manner. Your dog can also clean out your empty peanut butter jars. (I would bet they get them spotless!)

Other containers can be used in similar ways OR you can stimulate your dogs sense of smell.
Make small holes in the container, and fill it with something stinky. (Dogs love stinky!) If you have a small animal in the home (hamster, Bunny etc...) You can use their shavings, you can also use essence of wild game such as duck, pheasant, or deer to name a few. (These may be purchased in concentrated amounts from you local out doors store.) Drop a few drops on a rag and place the rag inside. Then watch your dogs nose go!

If you have an empty milk carton, cut it in half, hang it from a tree and fill it with yummy goodies. Your dog will now have to jump and hit the container to make the treats fall. (It's sort of like a doggy pinata!)

I hope you have enjoyed these lessons on going GREEN and I hope you have a safe and happy St. Patrick's day!

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