Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is Your Dog Driving You Crazy?

We've all had one, or at least know some one who has... or still does. A crazy dog. It seems no matter how much exercise they are given or how old they get, they just don't slow down.
The Dog Diva to the rescue!
Below you will find 5 simple and cheap tips for calming your crazy dog....you're welcome.

EXERCISE: Whatever exercise you are currently giving your dog...double it! Romping in the back yard or a quick trip around the block is not sufficient for most dogs. Your dog needs to get really tired out! Go for a run or a bike ride, or simply extend the length of your walk. Don't forget about your dogs mental needs either. Fido should be both mentally and physically tuckered out. Try getting involved in agility, Frisbee or fly ball. On a rainy day you can play Hide and Seek with your dog for some indoor fun!

DO NOTHING: Behaviorist Sue Sternberg developed this idea, and it really works! All that is required of you is that you do...well...not much. Sit in a small quiet room and read a book or a magazine; or get some work done on your computer. All while paying peripheral attention to your dog. If your dog nudges you, barks, whines, paws, jumps or tries to get your attention in any other way, ignore them completely. (This may take some time at first.) When your dog finally settles down, hand them a treat and say GOOD BOY! (Or girl!) If you are thinking that this will in turn send your dog running to you in hopes of attention, well, you're right. But what you must do is ignore them once more. Again, after they settle, give them another treat and a GOOD DOG. Repeat. Remember to continue to reward your dog the longer they remain calm and quiet.

FOOD: You may actually be feeding your dog the crazies! Many dog show ADHD like behaviors when they eat a poor diet. If you can't pronounce all of the ingredients in your dogs food, don't feed it to them!

LAVENDER: A few drops of lavender essential oil between your dogs shoulder blades or a spritz on a bandanna around their neck can have calming effects. Even if this doesn't work for you, your dog will smell great!

T-SHIRTS: A snug fitting shirt can help sooth and calm dogs. (Kind of like a hug!)

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