Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Ate WHAT!? Ewww.....

I know it's gross, but many dogs suffer from COPROPHAGIA. That is the technical term for "eating poop". Yep, disgusting. Some dogs eat their own, some prefer the taste of others, and then there are the dogs that don't care where it came from, they just know they want to eat it. Makes you think twice about that last face lick you received doesn't it?
OK, all kidding aside, coprophagia is a serious problem that can either be behavioral or biological.

Some dogs may consume feces out of pure boredom. If this is the case, then please, buy your dog a KONG toy!
You must catch your dog in the act to prevent this from happening in the future, but the best solution is to pick up all droppings immediately.
Feces contain undigested and semi-digested material which can provide needed nutrients for a dog with a specific nutritional deficiency.
It is normal for nursing mothers to consume the feces of their puppies in order to keep the den clean and to prevent predators from picking up their scent.
Always make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise and has lots of different things around to stimulate his mind. If these remedies do not work, your dog may have a vitamin B or K deficiency. If this is the case, your vet can recommend supplements for your dog to help remedy this.
Simple aversion therapy can also be done by letting the dog approach the feces while on leash. The second your dog begins to sniff the feces, say NO LEAVE IT and continue walking past the pile. Make sure to praise your dog every time during this exercise.

And last but not least....brush your dogs teeth! :)

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