Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awarded for Cruelty

Well, I simply cannot believe it. But yet, somehow it is true. Micheal Vick was voted to receive the Ed Block Courage award. Yes, courage.
It baffles my mind to think that somewhere out there are people who think that what Vick has done is courageous.

I'm not sure what part of torture, gambling and murder is considered brave. It was too much to take when he was re-instated in the NFL, then signed by Philadelphia, but now, an AWARD!? What kind of message is being sent here? It's OK to do horrific things as long as you have Tony Dungy by your side?

I would encourage every one to write the the members and sponsors of the Ed Block foundation. Let them know what a horrible mistake they've made. Ask them what exactly is so courageous about a 'man' who commits a horrific crime, then is welcomed back into society so easily.
Ask them why is it that the ability to throw or run with a football, somehow trumps the down right corruptness of an individual; because I'd like to know.

Shame on Mike Vick, shame on the NFL, shame on the Eagles organization and shame on the Ed Block Foundation.

May they someday see the light and repent for their inappropriate and unfortunate actions.

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  1. Somehow they think he was courageous to return and face fan scorn but as we all know that didn't happen and even the Humane Society gave him a chance to make amends; so since he faced no scorn, or condemnation, he had no need to rely on courage to face anyone. I guess that is the bottom line - he never needed to be courageous. What he chose to spend his exhorbitant salary on was not to help those in need but to torture defenseless animals; he deserves no awards and no support.