Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Second Happy Ending

A few posts ago I wrote about a sweet girl named Candy, and how happy I was that she had received the happy ending she deserved.

Well, I may have spoken too soon.

About two weeks after her adoption, she got into a scruff with her new brother, a 9 year old springer spaniel, and did some damage. Not only to Bo (the dog) but to her human daddy as well. You see, he'd stuck his hands in the middle of the fight and not surprisingly was bitten.

Unfortunately he was bitten quite badly (believe me I've seen pictures!) His wound wasn't properly cleaned the first time in the ER and when he went back, there was talk of him loosing his whole hand! (Luckily this did not happen.)

But what to do with Candy? Well, her new parents did not feel it fair to Bo to keep Candy around. I cannot blame them. Resident dogs do take precedence.

So Candy came back. But, when they brought her back, they told of the bite to the hand, and were then referred to the County. You see, all human bites must be quarantined. So poor Candy went to the County facility for her 10 day quarantine period. After which she would be re-evaluated and best case scenario, be put up for adoption for anther 7-10 days until her time was 'up'.

All of this happened on my day off. Of course. So I'm getting frantic text messages while laying out in my back yard.

The next day I take action. I get with my contacts at the county to advocate for her, put notes in her file and sneak me in to visit her and bring her cookies.

Next I get on the email train and try to find her a place to go.

Her previous family is very torn up about all of this because they love her, and don't want anything bad to happen, but say that they cannot take her back.

Then, an Angel appeared in the form of Jenifer from the Central Florida Pit Bull Rescue. She would take Candy.

Hallelujah Amen.

So we pulled a few strings, got her evaluated and out the door, again.

So far so good with Candy. Her and I had a heart to heart in her isolation kennel. I told her I found her ANOTHER good home, and asked her to please behave this time.

She looked back at me and licked my nose.

I took it as a 'yes'.

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