Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Good news/Bad News Game

The other day I received some very good news about Pit Bulls here in Florida. The bill to repeal the ban on BSL died in the senate. Whew, another 'safe' year for the pits of the state.
Then today, I got a call bearing some not so good news. It seems one of our local county animal facilities has a 'no adopt' policy when it comes to Pit Bulls. This disturbs me greatly for many reasons.

First is the obvious, it's just not fair. The sheriff who made the rule said it was due to too many 'bite cases' but most of the dogs that enter their facility have no bite history at all and are healthy and happy family pets.

This was brought to my attention when a family wanted to adopt a pit that was found outside of their business and brought to this facility. Oh, who am I protecting here it's Polk County Animal Services. They were told they could not have the dog. Only rescue groups are allowed to take pits.

This baffles my mind...they would rather euthanize this dog than give it to a willing adoptive family?!

The next thing that really gets me is I can't quite figure out how this is legal except for the fact that it isn't technically illegal. I understand how a private SPCA or Humane Society could implement this rule, but a public shelter? I just don't know.
There is no county or city ordnance against the breed, yet the government run facility is denying it's tax paying citizens their right to own the dog of their choice...?

Just doesn't sit right...

We have extended an invitation for them to attend one of our pit bull education classes and have even offered to take it on the road to them.
This will not be an over night change but I feel up to the challenge.
In the mean time I am trying to get the word out to rescue organizations in the area.

God Bless the Pit Bull, never has any dog been so hated and misunderstood.

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  1. You go girl! I don't see how a sheriff has this authority at all - unless he's Andy in Mayberry and the mayor as well; it is the south.