Friday, April 30, 2010

Let's Play a Game!

Looking for a fun new game to play with your pup?
Try Red Light Green Light!

Remember playing that game as small child in elementary school or (I'm going to date myself here) at the Roller Rink?

The idea is simple, it works your dogs sit/come/stay commands.

To play with just you and your dog:

Have your dog sit on one end of the room and stay while you walk to the other side. For the "Green light" have them come to you, but only a few steps before "Red light" they have to stop, sit and stay again. Continue in this manner until your dog reaches you on your side of the room.

To play with a group:

Designate one person as the 'Caller'. This person will not have a dog in the game. All other participants wait with their dogs in a parallel line on one end of a room, putting them in a 'sit'.

The caller waits on the other side of the room and calls out "Green Light!" At that time all other participants begin walking toward the caller with their dogs. When the caller yells out "Red Light" all dogs must be asked to stop, sit and stay. The last dog to comply is 'out'.

You may have to go across the room a few times depending on size and the competence level of the dogs playing.

Have a fun prize for the winning team.

Now go play...GREEN LIGHT!

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  1. Superfun! I have a friend who works as a trainer at a kennel here with some Katrina rescue dogs, some pits and some other HUGE dogs- I just sent her a link to your page. Haven't heard from you in a while, hope you are well! :)