Monday, July 26, 2010

Dog Behavior Workshop 3

Introduction to basic K9 learning theory:

Thorndike's Law of Effect (1911) "Behaviors just prior to a pleasant event are more likely to be repeated; behaviors just prior to unpleasant events are more likely to diminish."

Positive Reinforcement: Think of this as a + sign, adding something to your dogs environment that increases the likelihood of a desired behavior re-occurring in the future.

Remember, love is all you need. When looking for a trainer, look for one that uses a heaping scoop of positive reinforcement with a very small side of negative punishment. Never use positive punishment on a dog!


Pavlov's classical conditioning followed by B.F. Skinner:

Positive reinforcement +R
Negative reinforcement -R
Positive Punishment +P
Negative Punishment -P

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  1. haha, that's really funny! That's so clever, having switched the sides of who's being observed.