Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are You Ready?

In case you haven't noticed...Football is back. Fans across the country (and the globe) are apparently quite excited by the fact, as ratings are soaring farther than they have in years. I am not sure if the release of the new book; The Lost Dogs, was timed so near the start of the season on purpose or not, but it just goes to further illustrate the absurdity of the fact that Micheal Vick is once again playing in the NFL.
During the Eagles season opener, starting Quarter Back Kevin Kolb was knocked out of the game with an apparent concussion, so in came Vick.

The Eagles lost the game against the Green Bay Packers (thank GOD) but that didn't stop Vick from making several highlight reels.

I just have to wonder the lesson this all teaches us....

It must be OK to do reprehensible things, and even get caught as long as you say you are 'sorry' (you don't have to actually mean it!). The world will not only forgive you, but actually REWARD you for it. Giving you your job again, paying you royally and acting like those horrible things you did never really happened or at least weren't that bad, because after all, they happened years ago.

I DARE any 'normal' working class person out there to get arrested for something, go to jail for it and then come out and GET YOUR JOB BACK! Most ex-cons have a hard time finding work that involves hard labor or deep frying something let alone a paycheck worth MILLIONS.

I am a dog trainer, therefor I understand dogs pretty well...humans on the other hand...well, that's a whole other animal indeed.


  1. I have a hard time deciding where I stand on the Vick issue. Honestly, I don't know if he really is sorry or even fully understands how reprehensible his actions were. On the other hand, humans are supposed to have the capacity to forgive. I believe there are many people in the world grateful for a second chance. Let' hope Vick makes the best of his.

  2. Such sad wisdom with regard to the human animal; we are indeed a paradox. There is the person who seems to lack a soul - Vick - and then the person who jumps into a raging storm to save an animal. I wonder which one will spend enternity in heavenly bliss and which one in eternal punishment. We are known by the choices we make.