Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Extraordinary Dogs with Ordinary Stories

Lately I have been feeling like the world is maybe a bit too caught up in sob stories. Every time we turn on the TV or check our email boxes, we are flooded with sad stories followed by even sadder ones. It seems like shelters and rescues across the country are in constant competition with each other for the biggest sob story. This dog was shot, this one starved and still this one shot and starved!
I know the reason these stories are exploited and I get it, really I do. They are money makers, plain and simple. Also, not being born yesterday I realize that not all of these stories are true. It is a sad reality I know as there are plenty of real tear jerkers to go around, people really needn't make up their own, but they do. The answer as to why again is money.

Please do not think that I am heartless or that I believe that the poor shot/starved dog does not deserve a loving home and a happily ever after because believe me I do. I'm only saying....what about the rest? I know plenty of dogs that have never been fought or abused but have still been abandoned by those they loved and languish in shelters waiting for some one to save them. These dogs may seem quite ordinary, but they need love too.

If you own a former puppy mill, bust or even Vick dog, thank you. But if you, like myself adopted a dog with no particular past traumatic event, then I would also like to say a heartfelt thank you.

The bottom line is: They all need love, they all need care and they all need homes.

Seemly ordinary dogs can become extraordinary in the eyes of their families. So thanks again to all of you who, when it came time to add a dog to your family, chose adoption from your local shelter, wherever that might be. Whatever dog you chose, you made a difference in their life, and that, to me is what is really extraordinary.

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  1. How beautifully put. You expressed the truth and I would love to hear it shouted from the roof tops. It would make a good theme at any shelter and every person who has adopted just that "ordinary" dog or cat should be honored just because they did just that.