Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Time Parents 4

Welcome to the final instalment of First Time Parents!
I'd like to start this one out with a big word: Anthropomorphize. Do NOT Anthropomorphize your pet. This means do not attribute human feelings or characteristics to your pet. Your dog did not pee on your carpet because he hates you! (He just had to go!)

Always, always, always socialize your pet. Most behavior problems, including fear and aggression stem from under socialization.

Common toxins/poisons/hazards for dogs include:
Chicken Bones

Dog food is very bad for cats and both can be harmed by plants such as mistle toe, poinsettias and holly.
Make sure to keep your pet away from cords, garbage, medications and socks! (Dogs cannot process them!)

Dogs LOVE:
Sweet Potatoes
Beef Hot dog

Cats LOVE:
Cat nip

Developmental Stages:
0-2 years
Puppy/Kitten hood
Have patience and set rules now!

2-5 years
Sexual Maturity
Active and Healthy

5-9 years
Slowing down
May begin to see some medical issues

10 years and up
Slow down
Increased medical problems
Decrease in hearing and vision

(Indoor) Cats have a longer life expectancy than dogs. They can live 16-20 years. Dogs live between 8-15 years depending on size. (Small dogs tend to live a bit longer than large breed dogs.)

When the time is right your pet will most likely stop eating and drinking. They will be unable to get up, or use the rest room by themselves. It is important to have a good relationship with your vet to insure that they will be there when you need them the most. Some will even come to your home. Stay with your pet. Don't make them do it on their own! You owe it to them!
Afterward you can bury them or cremate them.

You can begin again when the time is right for you. Don't give up. It is selfish to say you don't want to put yourself through the heartache again. You can, they are worth it, and a homeless pet out there needs you!

Remember, all you need is patience, consistency and a sense of humor and you'll do fine!

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