Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Time Parents 2

Welcome back! Let's get right into it!
I want to start out by talking about food. Choose a high quality food for your pet. Do NOT free feed dogs! This can lead to an over-weight dog, plus you are unable to properly monitor your dogs eating habits. Always provide your pet with constant access to water. Keep your pet at a healthy weight. Dogs and cats cannot decide to go to Burger King for lunch so there is really no excuse for having an obese animal.
Prevent food aggression in dogs by dropping handfuls of their food into the bowl a little at a time.

Exercise is super important! A tired dog is a happy dog and a sleeping dog or cat cannot get into mischief. Cats enjoy 'prey play'. Prey play is when you allow your cat to 'hunt' (chase a fake bird on a string) 'kill' (catch and shake the fake bird) and 'feast'. (Follow this activity with a high protein treat.

Most dogs love long walks. Some like runs, others like to chase a ball or a Frisbee. Some even like to hang from trees or pull heavy things. Find out what you dog likes and wants to do, or what your dog may have been bred to do, and focus their exercise towards those things.

Mental stimulation is also very important. When you leave your home, your pets can become quite bored. Kong toys are great distractions! Fill them with everything from peanut butter and baby food to cottage cheese and sweet potato!
Cats enjoy indoor gardens of wheat grass, and scratching posts.

Come back next time when we'll talk about grooming, vet care and more!

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