Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Living in a warm climate as I do is supposed to come with its advantages. Like, being WARM. However, Old Man Winter has, apparently, heard about our nice beaches, and come for a visit himself.
As we all scramble to layer up, and shops run out of gloves and scarves, I can't help but think about the dogs. Oh, not the dogs like mine, all snug on her bed in the house with the heat on, no, I worry about all the other ones. The ones in back yards, in dog houses, on chains, running the streets and even those in shelters.

Not every shelter is lucky enough to have heat, so think about donating a blanket or doggy sweater to your local animal rescue organization, or better yet a Kuranda bed. (Elevated off the cold floor.)
Sure, dogs are dogs and have build in fur coats and a higher body temperature than we do, but it isn't just about surviving, it's about being comfortable. If I slept in my garage tonight I wouldn't freeze to death, but I don't think I would sleep either.

So, if you have an outside dog, please, bring them inside during the cold (and then keep them there!) If you have an inside dog, think about donating their sweater to a dog in need. (I know your dog looks cute, but, hey, they've got it pretty good!)

There are few things sadder than a shivering homeless pet.
So keep your heart warm by making sure those less fortunate furry souls can sleep comfortably on a cold winters night.

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