Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year! (Twenty Ten!)

As I write this, my last blog entry of 2009, I am not as much looking back at the year I've had as I am looking forward to the year ahead. I feel that 2010 (that's twenty ten NOT two thousand ten) is going to bring great joy, change and advancement for myself, my blog and the world of dog. There will be obstacles and hurdles yes. Most likely I will find myself fighting BSL or even for some small policy change that if enacted could save at least one dog, and for me that's plenty.

In the past I have focused quite hard on all of the dogs that I didn't or couldn't save and it drove me down to a very dark place indeed. As of late, I have tried to focus on the ones that I have saved. The ones that are in their happy forever homes right now as I type this. The ones that if my life hadn't bumped into theirs, might not be of this earth anymore. So for the dogs saved, I celebrate. I will of course always continue to morn the fallen, but their sacrifice only gives me more courage, more stamina and more passion.
Things cannot go on as they are. Euthanasia cannot continue to be our main population control device. Our children must cease to be entertained by the cruelty of the circus, we must look long and hard at what or WHO we are eating, and we must not allow convicted dog fighters back into our hearts.

As a collective we have a long way to go, but I see bright spots in the tunnel. I hear every day from people trying to do the right thing. I hope that this decade will be one of understanding and compassion. A decade of respect for ALL living creatures big and small. Each and every one of them having the right to live out their lives in safety and in health.

A wise man once said: The greatness of a nation and its morals, can be judged by the way its animals are treated. (Gandhi)

Just something to think about as you make those annual resolutions come midnight.

And remember, if you only change ONE person, open ONE mind or soften ONE heart this year, count is as a year well spent. Do not allow your self to become focused on the millions you didn't change...there's always next year!

Have a Happy-yappy humane New Year!

The Dog Diva

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