Friday, December 4, 2009


A dog with hyperactivity can be destructive as well as pesty. Remember that many breeds of dogs have a psychological need to stay busy, and if you don't give them a job to do...they'll find one! And it most likely will be highly unpleasing to you.
Dogs need toys, (Chew, soft, KONG, balls, Frisbee's etc...) daily walks and play time with both you and with other dogs. Making your dog a part of your day to day family life can also help with hyperactivity. Instead of locking your dog in a crate and leaving, why not take them with you?! Your dog would surely love to watch little Johnny' s soccer game, or go through the bank drive through with you. Being a part of family activities will give your dog something to do and to look forward to, and you will notice an over improvement in your dogs' behavior.
Now, I know that you can't take your dog everywhere you go, so when you have to leave Fido behind, make sure that he's had plenty of exercise first. Confine your dog to a specific area in your home that is dog proofed (ie no trash cans left out or cords to chew...) and leave behind some fun toys. (A KONG stuffed with goodies should keep your dog happy and occupied.)
When you arrive back home play a game of hide and seek or "find the treat" with your dog for a little brain stimulation and fun!

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