Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yappy Christmas!

For some, this time of year brings happiness, joy and laughter. For others (myself included) it brings stress, long lines and bills. If you are like me, and yearn for mid January when normalcy starts to take hold once more, then your dog is likely to be stressed out as well. Dogs are very in tune to us, and can sense our anxiety. To keep your dog calm this holiday season, do your best to keep their routine the same. With shopping, family and parties, this can be more than difficult but remember dogs thrive on routine so keep waking, sleeping, feeding and exercise times all as normal as possible. If you are expecting company, make sure everyone in the house knows what the doggy rules are. If Grandpa Joe brings along his big box of medications, be sure to keep them out of Fido's reach.

Also, some of your decorations can be hazardous to your pups health. Christmas tree needles and water can be poisonous as well as mistletoe and poinsettias. You may also want to forgo the tinsel on the tree.
Be careful when baking those Christmas cookies too. Chocolate and raisins can be toxic to dogs.
Don't forget to allow your dog to be a part of the holiday festivities. Going light looking? Bring the dog along! Opening got one for Max too right? Let them join in and everyone will have a 'howling' good time!

Remember those less fortunate than your Buddy or Daisy and donate food, toys, treats, cleaning supplies, bedding or time to your local Animal Shelter.

I wish all of you a very Happy-Yappy Christmas!

Peace On Earth....

Diane aka The Dog Diva

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