Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Saw The Sign

Many times I take for granted the simple things in life.
After traveling around to schools and youth groups I have found that many students, and surprisingly their teaches too, do not know the basic signs of an un friendly dog.

So, let's cover the fundamentals:

Signs of an un-friendly dog include:

Hair raised on the backs of their necks, backs and/or rear

Ears pulled back tight

Stiff or ridged body posture

Stiff un-wagging tail
Wide staring eyes

Curling or raising of lips to show teeth (and gums)

Low growls or agitated barking

You can diffuse a possible confrontation by sliding away slowly sideways, making sure not to turn your back on the dog or stare them down. Keep them in your peripheral vision. Talk in a calm and soothing voice to the dog. If knocked down, get into a ball and protect your head. Do NOT squeal or yell as this will only egg the dog on. The dog will eventually get bored with you and you can go for help.

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