Monday, October 4, 2010

Vick's Broken Wing

As to not devote too much of my life to blogging about Micheal Vick, this entry will be brief.
Yesterday, the Eagles took on the Washington Redskins in Donavon McNabbs highly publicized return to Philly. Overall, the game all but fizzled out.
I am by no means a fan of Washington, however on this occasion I rooted them on with intensity. If Vick is going to be a starting quarter back in the NFL, at least I might see him lose.

Turns out, I got more than I bargained for.

Not too long into the game, Vick took off running, aiming for a touchdown. Right at the goal line he was tackled simultaneously by two defenders. Vick was hurt. He left the field and the game and headed for the locker room. (On a side note, all was for not, as there was a holding penalty on the play!)

At first they thought Vick may have cracked a rib, but X-rays came back negative, looks like just a bruise, but still he never returned to the game, leaving former starter, now Vick back up Kolb to finish the game. The Eagles lost to the Redskins 17-12.

After the game I couldn't help but think...if we played by Vicks rules, he should be 'put down' right? I mean, he was no longer able to compete, and contribute to a "Eagle" with a broken wing that could not fly....a dog with a broken leg that cannot fight....

Lucky for Vick, we crazy "dog people" don't run the NFL. But I can't say the same for those 'crazy Philly fans...they have been known to turn on quarter backs, and are quite possibly the nastiest fans in the league.
I know one thing for sure, they do not like a quarter back that gets injured a lot. A few more stunts like Sunday's and they could be calling for Vicks head. can hope anyway...


  1. I was totally thinking the "put down" thing too when I heard about it...

  2. I was born in DC, and I've never been prouder of my team! And, it turns out MV is hurt worse than they thought, but not hurt bad enough if there is the slightest chance he will play again (just my thoughts)