Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Time Parents

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in the 'dog world' that we forget that some people out there are "Pet Virgins". (Never owned a pet before). Every now and then I am blindsided by what to me seems like a very simple 'common knowledge' question, and I remember, it isn't common knowledge.
So, here is my first installment geared towards First Time Parents.

First of all I'd like to say Congratulations! And welcome to the wonderful world of pet ownership. This will be a life changing experience for both you and your new pet. There will be hard work but also plenty of happiness.

Now, the first question that needs to be answered is where is your new pet coming from? The answer...Adopt! Adoption saves lives and helps you to be part of the solution and help fight pet overpopulation. Many shelters and rescues will give you a pet that is already spayed or neutered and has already received all of their vaccinations.

Before you choose a pet, do your research. What type of pet will be best for you? What size? What breed? What activity level? When thinking about these questions try not to become too focused on looks or breed type. Ask yourself more important questions like what your life style is like, and look for a pet that suits your needs.

Questions to ask:
What do you see yourself doing with your new pet?
Are you active or a couch potato?
How long are you away from home?
Next, go shopping for all of your new pets needs.
What to buy:
Leash, collar, food,toys, bowls, litter/litter box, crate or carrier...
Yes, your new pet will cost you, so make sure you are ready for the added expenses:
Adoption fee
Vet bills
Flea prevention
Scratching posts
Litter boxes
Cleaning supplies
Grooming supplies
Pet deposits

Your new pet will also require a time commitment for training, exercise and play.
Pet proof your home, get a vet, make rules and set a routine.

Come back next time when we will discuss feeding, grooming and more!

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