Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pit Bull "Attack"

Recently I was asked to appear on a local news station, to talk about a pit bull 'attack' in the area.
Admittedly, the phone call from the news room was the first I'd heard of the incident. So I looked it up on the good old Internet and this is what I found.

A pregnant woman was walking in a not so nice area of town, when two LOOSE dogs (one thought to be a pit bull and the other a Labrador) "attacked" her. Actually, what happened was that one of the dogs bit the woman on the leg. So, this was a dog BITE not ATTACK. The dogs were captured by Animal Control and no owner has yet been found. Meanwhile the woman was treated, and she and her unborn child are fine.

My question is this news?

I do not know whether or not it was actually the pit that bit the woman or whether or not the dog was actually a pit at all. Also, I have to wonder what the woman may have done...did she try to yell or intimidate the dogs? Did she stare at them? Did she run?

If the news reported on every dog bite that occurred daily, they'd barely have time for the weather and traffic! But of course not every dog bite is news worthy...just the pit bull ones.
It will never cease to amaze me that THIS is news but when we have our Incredibulls events and invite the media out to see 30 pit bulls and their responsible owners all getting along and having a good time...they are not interested.



  1. So what happened with the Lab in the attack? I've had a couple of experiences with not so nice labs, but that never makes the news.

  2. Last I heard, no owner had come forward and both dogs were set to be euthanized.