Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pit Bull World

Recently, a local radio talk show host who shall NOT remain nameless, Bud Hendinger, spoke on a topic of which he obviously knows nothing about: Pit bulls.
He claims to have the solution to the state of Florida's "Pit Bull Problem."
His "solution" is this: To do the "responsible" thing and ban the breed, but not round them up to be euthanized, oh no, he proposes starting a new theme park called Pit Bull World where people can come to see he savage beasts such as they do at a zoo, and where the dogs can do what they do best; fight each other to the death. Among his other ideas are for everyone who willingly turns in their pit bulls to pit bull word, to receive a voucher that they can take to their local shelter to get a free 'other' dog of their choice, thereby giving thousands of homeless dogs who really 'deserve' it, a home.

No I'm not kidding and unfortunately, neither was he. It is so scary to think of all of the people out there listening to his insanity, believing it and agreeing with him.

Of course pit bull advocates around the state (and country) have been flooding him with emails, none of which he will probably read.
I of course invited him to my next pit bull education class, though I'm sure he will not come.

The world is indeed a frightening place, and not because of pit bulls, but because of ignorant people with a microphone.

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  1. I LOVE you ending comment that can be applied to so many these days! It should be a national statement!